Matt Heinemann

Engagement Strategist / Project Manager

Matt has 15+ years of experience with working with conservation-focused government agencies, mission-driven organizations, university research centers, and for-purpose ventures. His work draws on creative practice, social and geographic theory, and results-based management for conservation. He has professional experience as a rural land-use planner, has worked on land conservation transactions and cost-sharing agreements, and led community-based watershed protection efforts. He has worked with diverse public and private interests and is an experienced conservation project manager. He has additional technical skills in developing geographic information systems, design of public outreach campaigns, and researching program engagement methods.  

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master's of science in geography. He is a certified Level-2 Conservation Planner with the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service and a technical service provider for the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board.  He is a coach-in-training on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, the Board President of the Rainforest Guardians (an international non-profit protecting biodiversity for cancer cures) and serves on the State Technical Advisory Committee for natural resources in Texas.

Skills & Expertise
Landowner engagement
Conservation planning
Precision marketing
Real estate
Innovative uses of big data
Early-stage startups
Outdoor recreation
Eco-entrepreneurial capital
Office Phone
Matt Heinemann, DJ Case and Associates
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July 2019

Society for Conservation GIS - SCGIS 22nd Annual Conference Presenter

Presented The Why of Where: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Tools for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Transactions at the 2019 SCGIS 22nd Annual Conference in Monterey, CA. The conference theme was "Bridging the Nature-Human Divide."