Family forest owners own the largest portion of forests in America, accounting for 251 million acres. These landowners hold the key to forest and wildlife habitat conservation, yet only four percent of woodland owners have any kind of management plan for their land, despite the fact that nearly 50 percent have harvested trees from their property, and only 14 percent have received professional advice before harvesting.


The American Forest Foundation (AFF) and DJ Case teamed up to conceptualize and develop, a web-based tool to help address a vexing challenge within the forestry community around how to reach America’s woodland owners.

DJ Case mashed up skill sets in web development, GIS mapping and conservation communication to develop a system that speaks to non-technical woodland owners. While there are sites that provide useful information about forestry, is designed for woodland owners to help them learn about their land and identify their interests and goals — whether they include improving wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, birding, income, or other interests.


  • Custom boundary mapping interface
  • Set goals to enjoy, protect and profit from your land
  • Track land management activities
  • Share your plan with a professional forester
  • Information and advice tailored to your goals