DJ Case & Associates is an Indiana firm with national reach – working hard for conservation, outdoor recreation and environmental issues since 1986. Our heart is in helping agencies think strategically and engage people effectively. The issues we tackle are primarily in the areas of marketing/communications and market research.

If you would like to discuss a project or learn more about us, give us a call.

Phil Seng
Phone: 574-258-0100

Matt Harlow
Engagement Strategist
Phone: 574-258-0100

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve done in Indiana:

  • Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan - IDNR
  • Asian Carp Outreach - IDNR
  • Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy - IDNR
  • Confined Feeding Operations Video - IDEM
  • Deer Hunter Survey - IDNR
  • Determining Conservation Message Effectiveness - IDNR/NCOP
  • Division of Wildlife Strategic/Transformation Plan - IDNR
  • Environmental License Plate Promotion - IDNR
  • Hardwood Strategy - ISDA/Purdue University
  • Indiana Lakes Management Work Group - INDR
  • Lake Michigan Coastal Program Outreach Campaign - IDNR
  • Massasauga Rattlesnake Brochure - IDNR/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
  • Monarch Conservation Strategy - Indiana Wildlife Federation
  • Perceptions Of Woodland Management - IDNR/Purdue University 
  • Wetland Workshops - IDEM
  • Wetlands Conservation Plan - IDNR
  • Wetlands Outreach Materials - IDEM
  • Wildlife Viewing Guide - IDNR

DJ Case & Associates is one of the few firms in Indiana that is part of the Multiple Master Services Agreements for Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Media Buy Services. This IDOA contract vehicle makes it much easier for Indiana Government Agencies to contract for our services.

Here are the official IDOA documents on the program: