U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

DJ Case began working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1987 and has worked continuously with the agency to advance communication, human dimensions, social science and web-based conservation delivery. Recent efforts include:

  • Nature of Americans — a national study to understand and connect American's and nature
  • LCCNetwork.org — an API-driven network of web applications for content management, sharing and data aggregation across the diverse Landscape Conservation Cooperative network
  • Day-to-day communication support for Landscape Conservation Cooperatives in the Midwest


Web Development Access

DJ Case web developers work closely with FWS Information Resources and Technology Management (IRTM) on website and online application development. DJ Case web/application developers are all DOI network certified with Active Directory FWS.gov email accounts. All have been adjudicated and issued PIV cards utilizing MobiKEY access. We have access to build websites and utilize the ArcGIS online platform (Story Maps).