Dr. Cynthia Longmire

Senior Social Scientist

Cindy is the former human dimensions lead for the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks where she held a critical role in high-profile, complex and challenging wildlife, fish and outdoor recreation issues in the state. Cindy directed the department’s public engagement processes, designed and implemented survey research, assisted with strategic and long-range planning, and facilitated the integration of social and biological information in decision-making processes.

Drawing from both biological and social arenas, Cindy uses an integrated and collaborative framework to work with people affected by natural resource and environmental change issues. Her research interests center on how people interact with the natural environment and the exploration of barriers that may lead to gaps between people’s desire to engage in the outdoors and their ability to do so.

Cindy completed a dual-title doctorate in rural sociology and human dimensions of natural resources and the environment at the Pennsylvania State University. She holds a master’s in forest policy, as well as a bachelor’s in forestry resource management from the University of Tennessee. Cindy has extensive experience performing survey analyses using statistical analysis applications including SPSS. She is pursuing data science certification using the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics online through Harvard University.

Having grown up playing in the Southern Appalachian forests, Cindy enjoys sharing her experiences in backpacking, kayaking, and fly fishing with others — helping them to develop their own skills and confidence to venture into the outdoors. When not at work, Cindy can often be found enjoying the outdoors with her faithful trail companion/adventure dog, Hatch, who never misses a chance to strap on his pack and explore new trails and streams.

Skills & Expertise
Social science
Human dimensions
Survey methodology
Data science
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Dr. Cindy Longmire
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November 2019

Data science certification

Began work on data science certification using the R language and environment online through Harvard University.

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July 2019

Joined DJ Case Team

SD Game, Fish and Parks


Deer License Allocation Project 2014-2019

Working with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department, Cindy helped evaluate the state’s deer hunting license allocation system to determine how to increase chances hunters would be drawn for their preferred license. Through a multi-faceted public involvement process – extending over several years and involving surveys, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and public hearings – Cindy helped the agency identify alternatives to the traditional drawing process. South Dakota put the new process in place in 2019 resulting in more than 1,600 additional deer hunters drawing their preferred license.

Penn State


Penn State University

Doctor of Philosophy: Rural Sociology & Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment

Dissertation: Pennsylvania's Private Forest Landowners: Exploring Motivations, Management Activities and Sources of Information

UT Knoxville


University of Tennessee

Master of Science: Forestry Policy

Thesis: Natural Resources in the Northern Cumberlands: A Determination of Residents' Values