Dr. Cynthia Longmire

Social Scientist

Cynthia’s work has focused on the human dimensions of natural resources, drawing from both the biological and social arenas using an integrated and collaborative framework to work with people affected by natural resource and environmental change issues. While trained as a survey methodologist, Cindy’s work has focused on the use of the most appropriate method for identifying and integrating people’s concerns and desires into the decision-making process. This often results in the use of multiple methods such as focus groups, workshops, stakeholder groups, and surveys.

Throughout her career, Cindy’s research interests have focused on how people interact with the natural environment, and in recent years have begun to explore barriers that may lead to gaps between people’s desire to engage in the outdoors and their ability to do so.

Having grown up playing in the Southern Appalachian forests, Cynthia enjoys sharing her experiences in backpacking, kayaking, and fly fishing with others — helping them to develop their own skills and confidence to venture into the outdoors. When not at work, Cynthia can often be found enjoying the outdoors with her faithful trail companion/adventure dog, Hatch, who never misses a chance to strap on his pack and explore new trails and streams.

Cynthia completed a dual-title doctorate in Rural Sociology and Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment at the Pennsylvania State University, as well as master’s and bachelor’s degrees in forestry from the University of Tennessee.

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Social science
Human dimensions
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Dr. Cindy Longmire