Hiroto "Hiro" Hayashi

Engagement Strategist / Project Manager

Hiroto is a writer, photographer, and outdoor educator.

Early in his college years, Hiroto explored why his friends, peers, teachers, and mentors felt connected to the outdoors. If he could figure that out, maybe he could spark that same passion in other people.

Realizing the value of inspiring experiences, Hiroto pursued and graduated with a B.S. degree in English and minors in professional writing and outdoor education from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. He believes there are two ways to provide these intrinsically motivating experiences — vicariously through media, and explicitly through programs and events. His mission led him to work with state and local agencies, magazines, and many small businesses providing outreach, teaching courses, planning events, managing social media, writing articles, and editing print and digital copy.

When he is not working, he is invariably dabbling in a suite of activities under the wide umbrella of outdoor recreation and nature-based skills. Fishing has always been first on this list. If you’re looking for him, look towards the water first. And bring your rod.

Skills & Expertise
Essay and Feature Writing
Content Development
Outdoor Education and Interpretation
Lifestyle and Documentary Photography

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United States

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Hiro Hayashi
Social Listening for State Agencies


Social Listening for State Agencies

As part of a 2022 Multi-State Grant, the Association for Conservation Information (ACI) and DJ Case & Associates utilized social listening to monitor the social media posts about every US state fish and wildlife agency. Every other week, reports were sent to state agencies, and at the end of the year, thousands of posts were analyzed for trends that could be useful in state agencies’ efforts to manage their brands in social media.  

We were able to develop queries for 50 state agencies and monitor those queries for a year. Every single state received these reports. Many reports went to multiple divisions/work units in an agency. These have been helpful to agencies in understanding what is being said about them in real-time.

In 2023, DJ Case is expanding those queries alongside WSFR and ACI to include property names (WMAs, parks, boat ramps, piers, etc.), greatly expanding the number of posts we collect. We are using our agency contacts for each state to help identify which additional areas they would like to hear about. We are also splitting our reports into two modules.

  1. Incoming reports are conversations happening outside the agency about the agency 
  2. Outgoing reports capture the conversations started or promoted by the agency through an agency's own social media

We are adding to the existing queries for all 50 state fish and wildlife agencies and are monitoring social media conversations for: 

  • Positive and negative conversations that revolve around agencies 
  • Demographics of the people having these conversations 
  • What triggers these conversations 
  • How these conversation threads move through social media channels 

We will analyze the data and report results and trends about what social media users are actually saying about fish and wildlife agencies.

DJ Case and Associates logo


Joined DJ Case and Associates

Joined DJ Case and Associates as an engagement strategist and project manager. 



R3 Capacity Perceptions Versus Reality Study

There are many factors that impact hunting participation. Biological capacity often caps the number of hunters for big game animals while development and posted land reduces participation in all types of hunting. Hunters' perceptions of overcrowding and/or game scarcity, distances required to access hunting, plus mandatory hunter education might further dissuade participation. In addition, constant social attention on ‘trophy species’ might be reducing interest and participation in hunting for small game, waterfowl, and other species, especially among new recruits. Concerns have been heard that the outdoor media’s frequent focus on over-subscribed hunts and occasional questioning of the necessity of R3 programs can turn hunters against R3. These issues may eventually combine to cap hunters’ numbers, push out existing hunters when new hunters are recruited, and potentially grow opposition to R3 efforts. Considering national trends in applied R3 efforts, hunting participation and public perceptions cannot be affected by a single or even several organizations. The R3 community must work together to answer questions and implement any changes. With coordination and facilitation from the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, this project will bring together leading R3 organizations to discuss and prioritize the issues, oversee research, develop potential community responses and actions to address R3 capacity and perception issues, and ultimately oversee implementation.

Freelance Writing


Published Writing and Photography

Published Writing

  • Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine
  • Florida Sportsman Magazine
  • Minnesota Trout Unlimited
  • The Fly Fish Journal 
  • The Sun
  • Everest News
Fishing For All


Fishing For All Outreach Coordinator and Media Manager

Joined Fishing For All as Outreach Coordinator and Media Manager running social media, bi-weekly newsletter, outreach programs, guide trips, and partnerships

Black Hills State University


Bachelor of Science in English

Graduated from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD with a Bachelor of Science in English and minors in Outdoor Education and Professional Writing.


The TEFL Academy


DEAC Accredited Level 5 TEFL Certification

Certified as a Level 5 "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" Instructor with The TEFL Academy Program 

South Dakota Master Naturalist


Certified South Dakota Master Naturalist

Certified as South Dakota Master Naturalist with state's first ever master naturalist cohort.

National Association For Interpretation


National Association for Interpretation Certified Interpretive Guide

Certified as an official NAI CIG

Minnesota Trout Unlimited


Minnesota Trout Unlimited Chapter FSI and Educator

  • Fishing Skills Instructor, Social Media Manager, and Environmental Educator
  • Implemented watershed and R3 education in Greater Minneapolis Area
  • Worked with MNTU's Trout In the Classroom education program
  • Developed media coverage of historical stream improvement sites
  • Shot and edited photography and videography concerning fishing skills and aquatic insect ID
Collegiate Outdoor Program Leader


Collegiate Outdoor Program Leader

Certified Collegiate Outdoor Leadership Program Leader (COLP) for fishing programming