DJ Case combines social science research techniques with communication theory and marketing savvy to make existing programs better — and develop new programs that hit the targets.

We have worked with state agencies across the nation. Here are just a few examples:

Marketing turkey hunting in Nebraska

DJ Case helped the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission increase fall turkey hunting permit sales. NGPC identified fall turkey hunting as an under-utilized resource, and we conducted focus groups in targeted areas to identify messages that would encourage participation. We then worked with NGPC to design hunting seminars, send direct mail and purchase advertising that led hunters to a specially designed website with information about fall turkey hunting and how to buy a license. We set up treatment and control areas to test actual performance of specific treatments. License sales data showed that the treatment area had 6% lift in license sales compared to the rest of the state. In addition, the campaign generated more fall turkey hunting permit sales in the target area than were sold there the previous year, whereas sales decreased in the rest of Nebraska.

Increased participation in Florida quota hunts

After an overhaul of its quota hunt program on state-managed lands, we worked with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to encourage more use of this important public hunting opportunity. We conducted focus groups to understand barriers and identify messages to encourage participation. We then implemented direct mail, direct e-mail, and social marketing strategies to deliver the messages to Florida hunters. This pilot effort identified the suite of tools and messages needed to communicate effectively with segmented target audiences into the future.

More revenue for Tennessee wildlife

DJ Case worked with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to develop and help implement an integrated marketing strategy to promote hunting license sales among lapsed hunters. We served as an extension of TWRA staff in helping to implement some of the key strategies in critical time periods when agency staff were not always available. The comprehensive, systematic approach to marketing resulted in increased license sales in treatment areas (licenses sold and revenue generated) compared to five-year sales trends.

Big game results in Nevada

Using automated license sales data analysis from Southwick Associates, we conducted direct mailings and a web survey among Nevada hunters who applied for the state’s highly competitive big game tags. Results helped Nevada Department of Wildlife identify target audiences and methods to reach them to encourage more use of underutilized hunting resources in the state.

Tactical changes in Arizona

The Arizona Game and Fish Department had been working with partner organizations to deliver hands-on, hunting and trapping recruitment, retention, and reactivation events for more than five years. We conducted focus groups with workshop participants from five different target audiences to determine where the workshops fit in moving people along the hunting adoption sequence from initial interest to continuation without support. The research showed that participants get tremendous satisfaction from the events (as do agency staff and partners), but it also uncovered differences in goals and expectations for the events among participants and agency staff. We used the results to make a variety of recommendations to address those issues, as well as tactical changes to further improve the workshops.