The Alaska Department of Fish & Game issues around half a million sport fishing licenses to anglers in the U.S. alone. These translate into millions of trips across the state. Governing these trips are regulations, which the department consistently hears are difficult to understand and follow.


DJ Case social science researchers set up a three-phase exploration involving interviews with staff members on the front lines of interacting with customers, focus groups with target audiences, and an online survey of anglers in Alaska and the lower 48.
The findings illustrate the scope of the problem and show that regulation complexity is a barrier to participation. The findings also provide . . .

  • Clear directions for how ADF&G can re-phrase regulations to make them clearer
  • How to organize the state's regulations booklets
  • Which types of content to promote on social media
  • What features need to be included in an ADF&G smartphone app


DJ Case researchers used three closely-integrated research methods.

  • 16 interviews with staff members who interact regularly with the public
  • Four focus groups with 36 people, especially women and adults under 35 years old
  • An online survey of 3,955 people inside and outside of Alaska


Download Improving Communication of Sport Fishing Regulations in Alaska report