The Illinois Department of Natural Resources started work with DJ Case in 1992, when support for furbearer hunting and trapping was so low that these important, highly-regulated wildlife management tools were in danger of loss.


Working collaboratively with DNR biologists and administrators, DJ Case launched a social science research effort to assess Illinois residents’ sentiment toward trapping, fur hunting, and furbearer management, and understand what messages were (and were not) effective. We used findings to build a comprehensive communication and education strategy, which included a plan for consistent, ongoing monitoring of public opinion and communication campaign results.

DJ Case has assisted Illinois DNR continuously since the early '90s to deliver sustained communication campaigns. We focus on training influential and frontline communicators — preparing them for both proactive and reactive messaging opportunities. We support the agency its proactive efforts to engage educators, students, community leaders and wildlife enthusiasts about the important role hunting and trapping play in Illinois' rural and urban communities.


  • Strategic communication planning and delivery
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Communication and media training
  • Web application development
  • Online courses -
  • Integrated education and outreach campaigns


Public approval of furbearer hunting and trapping in Illinois continues to grow significantly while common wisdom suggests that support for trapping is declining across much of the country.