About Us

We’re a profitable boutique PR/communication and digital agency working exclusively on conservation and environmental issues (clean water, clear air, healthy woods and wildlife).  We work with federal, state and local government agencies; foundations; and non-profits. We’ve been doing conservation communication since 1986 and digital since 2000.

We stress quality of life and work that rewards – personally and collectively. We are Midwest-based near the University of Notre Dame, two hours from Chicago, in beautiful Mishawaka, Indiana. Our cost of living is low. Our drives are short.

We use open-source whenever we can. We believe in supporting and contributing to open-source platforms and development communities – and we strive to do more.

Here's where you come in

You are an experienced developer, problem solver, and all-around good person who would like to work with us on a full-time or part-time basis. You can be a W2 or independent contractor. We're open to various arrangements to suit our needs and yours.

You would be working with folks like Paul Adams, Frank Aiello, Brian Williams, and Mark Kimmet wherever your skills and enthusiasm align in conceptualizing and constructing online software applications, adaptive sites, geospatial and data visualizations, and mobile apps. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to shape your own role, and the future of DJ Case.

You’re the one (or maybe two) if:

  • You are into object-oriented programming.
  • You are well-versed in JavaScript (even better - TypeScript!)
  • You have a broad range of capabilities in things with technical acronyms like SASS, JSON, SQL, PHP, Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, and REST.
  • You have the flexibility and agility to iterate or change direction based on external feedback.
  • You work well in a collaborative team environment but can also work independently.
  • You are a life-long learner, continuously seeking to improve your craft.

 You get bonus points if:

  • You know Drupal – or other open-source platforms that have similar DNA.
  • You have worked with Angular.

Major five-star super bonus points if:

  • You often get outdoors to experience wild things and wild places.
  • You are the rare developer who knows both the science and the art of web and app development.

More about how we work:

  • Most of us work in DJ Case HQ in Mishawaka, Indiana, in a “sustainable” office environment in a renovated late-1800s steel foundry (we chose to reuse rather than build new). We have large, vaulted ceilings and big windows.  A few of us work from comfy homes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Missouri (but we welcome northerners, southerners, east and west coasters alike).
  • We like to use “the best tool for the job”, and here’s a sampling of what we use now:
    • We communicate with Slack, Zoom, Teams, email, phone, and sometimes even the face to face.
    • We use Gitlab and Github for version control and Jira or Asana for task management.
    • We are increasingly building decoupled sites using Drupal and Angular.
  • We meet each other in person sometimes to work on big tasks or get started on large projects. (We like each other, so this part is fun). We’d do that with you too to get everyone up to speed quickly.
  • We are budgeted and built for stability.
  • We offer health insurance and retirement bennies (W2 employees only).
  • When you do cool things, we pay you a bonus. Unfortunately, there’s no 30-page document describing our bonus system.

To apply:

  • Your cover letter can be your email. No need to send something separate.
  • A resume or a close facsimile.
  • A link to your online portfolio(s) and/or Github.
  • Please include links to things you’ve developed, and describe your role.
  • Send information to jon@djcase.com (profile)


Updated March 4, 2021